The Cessna XLS features an extremely spacious cabin with surplus baggage provision, easily caters for up to 9 passengers. The 5.7 feet high interior of the XLS outperforms competing private jets largely due to  its two Pratt & Whitney PW545B engines. The XLS also travels at high speed and is certified to land on shorter airfields, inaccessible to larger aircraft and often closer to your final destination. With luxurious stand-up cabin, upgraded in-flight entertainment technology and flight range up to 4 hours, the Citation Excel/XLS performance and reliability matches Cessna’s high standards in private jet travel.

Height 5.7 ft / 1.73 m
Range 3 441 km / 1 858 nm
Speed 441 kts / 816 km/h
Max. Passengers 9 + 2
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