Eurocopter EC130

The EC130 is a single engine helicopter having spacious cabins, which is capable of accommodating a total of 6 passengers and one pilot. It features forward facing seats, a large power reserve, dual hydraulic system, and automatic back-up system. This versatile helicopter is well suited to the needs of private tours, aerial filming or chartered flights, thanks to its great visibility, quietness, performance and safety.

Passengers 6+1
Cabin Dimensions Height: 4.2 ft
Length: 7.1 ft
Width: 6.1 ft
Aircraft Performance Range: 329 nm / 609 kms
Endurance: 2 hrs
Speed: 125 kts/ 143 mph
Key Features This aircraft is known as one of the quietest helicopters with Integrated VFR equipment coupled with a Global Positioning System (GPS) for standard missions.
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